Kernan will own the song fifa coins

The waving flag is his album fifa coins release in late February this year in the Troubadour songs, songs with a strong smell of Africa, expressed on this piece of land full of wars, poverty and backwardness is not enough love. In September, FIFA World Cup theme song collection, Kernan will own the song sent it to FIFA, was eventually became accepted by FIFA South Africa World Cup theme song. It is reported that Kernan made especially for World Cup again a remix version of the waving flag for publicity, two versions of which will be included in the South Africa World Cup among the songs on the album.
About 6 million euros per year income earning part of Didier Drogba, 12 million euros in damages happen to be Didier Drogba had yet to implement a two-year contract salary money familiar with FIFA rules, industry insiders told reporters last night that "outside there will be a lot of speculation, but we haven't seen the contract. Why Drogba claims breach of 26 million euros, perhaps specific compensation amount will depend on the specific provisions of the contract. ”


cheap fifa coins self-evident with the escalation

Temporarily unable to predict the outcome of cheap fifa coins the court battle, but this elite club are deliberately out of FIFA and UEFA, strategic vision or members is self-evident with the escalation of the conflict of interest of national teams and clubs, in the early 90 's of the last century in the making, was aborted in the late 90 's "European Super League" may repossess it. Twice a Champions League restructuring, only delayed the birth of the Elite League. But the Club and the contradiction and the two AFC does not die out, compromise to resolve the event UEFA sovereignty disputes. Local time on July 15, FIFA's official website published by online voting of the South Africa World Cup all-star (11) that the World Cup team. In the latest World Cup team, won the Championship of Spain there are 6 people named, becoming the biggest winner. Let me look at the World Cup team, and if you like a football star, or that you're satisfied with the best team of the World Cup Spain team has 6 players selected to become a member of the team, goalkeeper Iker Casillas, Defender Sergio Ramos, Puyol, midfielders Andres Iniesta and Xavi, striker David Villa.


Middle Earth behind on fifa 15 coin

Shao Jiayi are China's only one fifa 15 coins by one red card, somewhat worth it. From the purely technical point of view of penalties, Energie Cottbus in the battle for Middle Earth behind on 13 minutes of the second half foul was strike the scope of FIFA rules, Colombia main referees punished him out, is above reproach. Typically, teams foul more often shows its technological value is lower. Spain and Portugal one-eighth final, this goal came in the game the 63rd minute, luolandi, Andres Iniesta, Xavi edge continuous cooperation, Salvy heel pass David Villa in a small shot of the edge of the area was saved by Ai Duya Biya immediately shot into the net. Spain scored two big questions before the passing of Xavi takes ennisida, had been in an offside position, there is suspicion of offside tie-back. Harvey then back heel pass, Namibia is in an offside position, is also a doubt. This behavior is exposed, Rojas was banned for life by FIFA, Chile was banned from the 1994 World Cup after 25 years to return to maracana, Chile team with an unassailable victory washes the shame, they beat the mighty for the last 6 years Spain, a dynasty ended. Chile fan, Manuel said: "Let us forget the unpleasantness of the past, thanks to our players, we can look up to. ”


Hamann after the buy fifa coins fall of Bahrain

2002 Hamann at the helm after buy fifa coins the Asian Football Confederation has sought to serve as FIFA Vice-President, but strong plies his obstruction, AFC statutes have not passed, Hamann until being ousted that didn't get into the 2011 FIFA Vice-President, Jordan aliwangzi FIFA Vice-President-elect, but Hamann after the fall of Bahrain who became the new AFC President Salman. Salman also emulated Harman, struggled to serve as FIFA Vice President, trying to modify the AFC statutes. In April this year, 8 Football Association instigated on behalf of Salman on the AFC Executive Committee launched the AFC President automatically from the 2015 election as Deputy Chairman of FIFA's motion, calling for amendments to the AFC statutes, this motion will be incorporated into the AFC special Congress agenda Prince Ali and Salman are always in a State of confrontation in the past year, and shelled Salman's autocratic published an open letter in mid-April. Qi linzi, is a place where tradition and modern spirit were especially patronised. As "head of the spring and Autumn period of PA, one of the warring States period", capital of the State of Qi glory for more than 800 years. As a coordinate system in the history of Chinese civilization's cultural communities, had an important impact on the whole Chinese civilization in China and throughout the world for exploration and research on the origin of football has not been interrupted, with the deepening of research, people are surprised to learn that in ancient China--Millennium linzi cuju football game has a deep origin.


Argentina team at the buy fifa coins one-fourth final

On July 28, Beijing time, Argentina buy fifa coins Football Association announced that during the World Cup, leads Argentina on their outgoing coach Maradona, Batista will be the fire head coach, led Argentina play Ireland team pre-season games. Argentina FA will in recently announced team new coach candidates Spain media Marca reported special stressed, not and Maradona renewal of decided is "by 28 name Committee members consistent decided of", and recalled Maradona of coached experience, "Maradona November 2008 in Basile resigned Hou took over Argentina, in World Cup one-fourth finals was Germany eliminated Qian, group game three field game, and knockout against Mexico are smooth win. "Maradona coached Argentina team at the one-fourth final, 0-4 defeat in the Germany team, foot, out of shame. Referee Xing Qi after conferring with the Match Commissioner Wang zhihai, 20:08 decided to open his whistle from the first minute of the game ran into trouble. The stadium like a large pool, the ball rolling in the water routes full of weird. Players struggled to fight on the Court, often with a passed ball, slightly bigger hard on their feet. The London Olympic Games (topic) will begin, has 107 athletes involved doping, doping has caused wide concern. And recently, one Qian China gymnastics team doctor on burst material, in 1980 and 90 generation, China athletes using prohibited drug is authorities of policy integrated media July 27 reported, has retired of China Olympic (thematic) delegation Chief Physio Xue Yinxian (said) to Sydney pioneer morning news disclosure said, in China Sports "rise" of Shang century 80 generation, using prohibited drug is official implementation of "science training" of part she also said, all of athletes are must accept this practices, Otherwise it will be criticized and even penalties. The media pointed out that, in working within the Chinese system was the first person to speak was different from the official Chinese statement.


high investment cheap fifa 15 coins is inevitable

The daily sports newspaper cheap fifa 15 coins disclosed that Qatar following the success in securing the right to host the 2022 World Cup, Warner and his family had received a total of us $ 2 million (about 1.2 million pounds). A company controlled by the Asian Football Confederation President Mohamed Bin Hammam to Warner scored on my account $ 1.2 million (about 720,000 pounds). Warner's son received on the account of $ 750,000 (about 720,000 pounds) and another 400,000 dollars (240,000 euros) was paid to an employee of time Warner. World Cup, high investment is inevitable. At this World Cup, Brazil at airports, the Government spends about $ 3 billion for road-building, stadium construction and renovation cost approximately $ 3.5 billion. China's World Cup and Brazil compared with less money spent in this regard.
In September 2004, over more than 40 Hong Kong tycoons to Beijing to visit the country's leaders, as a winner for the second generation appearances, was jokingly referred to as father and son Corps. In the public's eyes, touted second generation certainly emerged as the main purpose of this visit. But when Chairman TSANG Hin-the Golden Lion and the younger son Zeng Zhiming, Cheung Kong Victor Li, Li Ka-shing and Mr LI's views were displayed, appear on the head of the Corps next to Henry Fok Ying-Tung, but little is known of the Huo Xianxuan.


Sabella may want to fifa coins take a rest

Lopez said Sabella had already made fifa coins such a decision, "at least as I see it. He might change his mind, but currently I believe there is no "he stresses, Sabella may want to take a rest, and then look for a new challenge. He said: "Although the Argentina Football Association wants him to continue coaching, but his ideas and leaders are not the same. Said Macy's award-winning sample: goal and teammate rod, personal character good. He created a new annual record in 2012. Interesting of is, Messi 91 ball of records never was FIFA admitted, but in has gold ball Award voting right of many team coach, and captain and media in the, quite part people to Messi and select has "scored is greater than honors, records is greater than champion" this article guidelines, again plus "small flea" of image good, field outside also no gossip, gold ball award eventually awarded to he point also not accident. Garry says, events organization and abilities, the United Kingdom prevail, but in view of the 2006 World Cup has been held in Europe, FIFA World Cup are less likely to be held consecutively in the same continent. Wheel system has been abolished only in Cup history 1954 Switzerland in 1958 and Sweden is continuous with the State-run. Similarly, the 2014 World Cup will be in Brazil, are suffering from the subprime crisis the United States is not dominant in the competition.


World Cup on the scene compared fifa coins

During the Argentina football is still in their hands. fifa coins During his tenure, Argentina team 3 times in World Cup finals in 1986 and won the World Cup with Argentina at the World Cup on the scene compared to Julio grondona of gangsterism in the Argentina country made a deeper impression. Argentina fans calling him a "dictator", players and coaches called him "tsar", because during his tenure, Argentina soccer took doping at least 40 times, 8 times the players strike, 3 times the referee strike grondona is nothing short of a controversial figure, but his most criticized by outsiders is he put the Argentina national team as a "cash cow".
In mid-June, China's bid to host the 2019 Asian Cup will officially launch, at present there are 11 Asian Football Association said the bid, China will be faced with fierce competition, which will no doubt become a bid to host the 2026 World Cup skirmish, while Zhang Jilong of FIFA and the Asian Football Confederation's power and influence of China won the right to host the Asian Cup is also crucial. In addition, China participate in competitions such as the World Cup qualifiers, the Asian Cup qualifier match, and so on, with Hyung in the tournament can also enjoy the benefits of it was well acted. Except Zhang Jilong as outside the most important member of the Executive Committee, there are several other institutions also have the Chinese figure.


cheap fifa 15 coins group drew a favourable draw

But zhihou FIFA think this aluminum business cheap fifa 15 coins Horn is a "dangerous of weapons" and banned he carrying admission, mark had to found a plastic products company, from will has has modern version of whirring Sierra addition a claims and above of completely different, allegedly first is by African big Antelope of angle made of, people with it to drove Baboon, this Horn issued of whirring sound even can killed a baboon, also wonder South Africa fans are like this guy, think it is "killed opponents" of weapons. According to the international hearing organizations to WHIR a decibel test Sierra, found noise exceeding 100 decibels, enough to hearing damage. The plastic horns or horn-type has been used in the 1970 of the 20th century Mexico of stadiums.
Because the North Korean ban, plus group drew a favourable draw, withering years of the steel Roses bloom is expected to usher in. In four years Qian of women's Asia Cup in the, China Women's in three or four name finals lost Japan, first missed women's World Cup, but such of doom this year may does not repeated due to 2011 women's Germany World Cup entries team is one of of North Korea women's broke scandal---five name players game Hou urine seized is positive, FIFA in intervention survey Hou, on North Korea women's made heavy penalties: canceled its 2015 World Cup entries qualification no has North Korea women's of Asia Cup, let China Women's pine has breath. This year's Asian Cup has 8 teams, 5 teams capable of winning the World Cup places: two group 4 teams qualify directly, while the fifth place from third place match to decide the two groups.


Brazil team makes one fifa coins and a half ball

For the game, betting site out is the "ball and a half" handicap, namely Brazil team makes one and a half ball, Brazil beat Croatia two goals, they win. Yesterday morning and the result is 3:1, fifa coins tie with Brazil to win, but not the absolute strength of the win with two goals. Inventory game, is Shang Black Dragon Ball, and two a long-range and penalty, Brazil team altogether scored 4 grain scored, this exists three big doubts--one, first a ball of process is catch, Croatia players sidewalks ball strikes more than 20 more meters, along Shang Brazil defender and no Shang Rob seal blocking, then grams team players calmly cross, Brazil team players unexpectedly since pendulum Black Dragon. Qatar for the 2022 World Cup bid with significant human and material resources, and plans if the bid is successful, will create several luxurious Stadium. Picture shows the stadium renderings. 2018 World Cup host country: Belgium/Netherlands, and Spain/Portugal, England and Russia. Editor's note Germany World Cup group match has come to an end, then competition will become more intense and brutal. If put group game during occurred of or HI or worries, and or good or bad of focus event do a inventory words, may regardless of for fans also is events organizers, even is participate in this events of athletes, and coaches and officials, are quite meaning this World Cup used of "team of Star" of designer Tomlinson said: "we using has new of shaped spell block and seamless pressure collection technology, unprecedented to will football spherical spell block reduced to 14 block, maximum degree to elimination has sphere surface not rules of bump, Making perfect arcs of a sphere, so as to improve accuracy of the football. ”


fifa coins natural drinks to sell out

In his bar, drinking every night watching fifa coins the ball, spend thousands of Yuan, also abound. Party boss believes that midfield if you don't campaign thrust, viewers can't get the air mobility, natural drinks to sell out. His experience is: live event is a catalyst for alcohol consumption, however, earned on all bars are not always so successful. Prior to this, proposed 20 AFC World Cup qualifiers draw for finals group match programme is based on the accomplishments of the last World Cup final. In this way, represented Asia in South Africa World Cup Team 4 (Japanese and Korean-Australian) and into the playoff of Bahrain, of course, became the first seeded. Next, scored the other 5 teams of previous top ten became the second document; the other team is determined according to the last ranking of the top 20 game stalls. It also provides convenience for TV, millions of fans around the world a feast in the United States, Avaya is the United States Football Association's official voice and data communications provider. Avava helped the Association of fund-raising to build a national training centre, and provide the Centre with an integrated voice and data communications networks. The Center unveiled this year in Carson, California. Offside rule in soccer rules in 1874, formal rules. However, when the offside rule with the offside rule is very different now. States: attacking players into the frontcourt, defensive players if there are only two people in front (including the goalkeeper), then the offensive player was offside.


cheap fifa coins there will be no conflicts

Such arguments have not appeared for the cheap fifa coins first time, whether FIFA officials or the Brazil Government representatives agree that when the World Cup arrives, there will be no conflicts here, just football, because this is football country, when Brazil team 3:1 in the opener to beat Croatia team, nobody in the city before the game went through a sleepless night in Sao Paulo. After watching TV at home, local people flocked to the streets, dancing and beer used in the music, there are endless car horns to celebrate the victory. Lewis lived in Rio during the World Cup, in its short rental homes United States tenants Luke said: "if lost tonight, I think a revolution will happen. Blatter, a temporary compromise to make everybody feel very warm, his natural confidence. In fact, they are nothing more than him for his delaying tactic to seek re-election, and win more votes for the general election for the FIFA President, Sepp Blatter in the heart of "little 99". Blatter of money offensive plus stalling tactic, completely can became he re-election of "killer", everyone also are prepared see Ghana team how "was four strong" suspicions eventually also is was reality break, Ghana team in overtime game is ended Qian staged last of climax, continuous two times goal let Uruguay striker Suarez at with handball block, red plus penalty almost has declared has Uruguay people of death, Blatter of conspiracy on the see is became reality may Blatter really of deliberately for Ghana of qualify do has large of work, Maybe Ghana in power before the end of extra time was just a coincidence, is the so-called Tango sound even Blatter elaborate layout must be Ghanaians to fit.


fifa coins enthusiasm of the people

Among them, Loew led Germany team is the leader, fifa coins they will transmit the power football and controlled the football combination, becoming one of the highlights of this World Cup. This means that Spain plays is far from obsolete, upgrade hosts Brazil did show the dodgy side, we should also see Brazil the sincerity and enthusiasm of the people. If the hardware facilities, how many people in this country feel the limitations of developing countries, this is people's enthusiasm, hospitality and their passion for football to everyone who experienced the World Cup trip. Washington (reporter zhe Zhang) Chinese Football Association Vice President Wei, Lin Xiaohua, Vice-President in charge of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Director Wang bin yesterday has arrived in Switzerland in Zurich. 3 people who will represent China in today's Congress and AFC special Congress to be held on June 2. Meanwhile, AFC has formally announced Zhang Jilong Haman has been suspended from duty as Acting President of the Chinese Football Association at the AFC also expressed support for the AFC's decision.


cheap fifa coins want to win a showdown

cheap fifa coins Players can arrange the timetable and details of the game, players can even engage in player transactions. Have it all, you can create a your own Manchester United, AC Milan and Real Madrid. Personally, with your favorite team, pick your favorite players, and the opponents you most want to win a showdown, in addition, the FIFA Online 2 exquisite picture quality and excellent sound, and immersive football experience "double insurance".
Yesterday, the International Court of arbitration for sport (CAS) declared its support for the original AFC President Mohamed Bin Hammam was banned for life by FIFA's appeal, FIFA abolished for Harman's lifetime ban decided on 16th of this month, AFC announced the suspensions of Harman for up to 30 days after FIFA extended the ban for Harman and the AFC's application and global ban. According to the regulation, if it is within this month, Asian Football Confederation and FIFA does not provide definitive proof of Haman on the alleged bribery. Harman, Chairman of the Asian Football Confederation, FIFA Executive Committee position will be automatically restored in May 2011, when he was President of the Asian Football Confederation, FIFA executive member of Haman accused suspected vote-buying in the process of running for President of FIFA, was suspended indefinitely by FI FA, and by FIFA's Ethics Committee to investigate.


top three teams did not fifa coins change

Beijing time on December 19, FIFA announced the fifa coins latest edition of the rankings, the World Cup and European Cup champions Spain team topped, Germany and Argentina were followed and list compared to last month, top three teams did not change, Spain's score had risen to 1606, and Germany or Argentina, the gap widened to 169 cents respectively, and 316 points. Portugal are from the 4th last month slipped to 7th, Italy and Colombia's ranking also improved. Of the top 20 teams, two in South America Brazil and Uruguay most evident setback, with the former fell to 18th place from 13th place last month, which also dropped 5 places, currently ranks 16th in Asia, Japan still ranked top, currently ranked 24th, Korea, and Australia, and Iran rank 35th, 36th and 59th respectively.
After the fuzzy response to Football Association in the present case, the Club launched "fight back". Yu Tao of beiqing Reporter yesterday said, "our attitude is clear in the press briefing, we strongly do not recognize the FA's arbitration results. Our contracts on the one hand, on the other hand, we were asked to prepare a complaint by program material.


cheap fifa coins team taunts let the fans

If in the group when using these two methods to predict, could in any case is not that Costa Rica and Colombia in the top 8, right? Charm depends on team liquid attack football match, is also cheap fifa coins relatively weak teams come up with the best condition at the right time, in one fell swoop you all before the big game, character is saved in addition to predict another fans favourite activity, before the game for his home team taunts let the fans enjoy it. In advance of the World Cup one-fourth-finals, Brazil coach Luiz Felipe Scolari also began to save the character. According to Spain's Marca newspaper said Pereira, Luiz Felipe Scolari and the Team technical director met reporters recently acquainted with 6 secrets, talk about Brazil and Colombia will face problems in the first world war.
According to the United Kingdom, the Sunday Times newspaper revealed on 17th, which was suspected of voting power in the hands of two other FIFA members "sold" bid for the 2018 World Cup Association to obtain significant financial interest Adam's "trading" activities by a man posing as an United States lobbying members of the journalists secretly filmed, he offered 570,000 euros promised to each other with a ballot paper. Shown in the film, he bluntly told reporters posing as the United States lobbies "members", and asking for it to invest in Nigeria, the 4 artificial football pitches. But then, it should first give him the money at its disposal, and Bill Adam said that money can be divided into two steps: "only the investigation can now demonstrate to FIFA and the football World Executive Board Member's innocence.


FIFA 15 coins does not change their mind

Internal attitude from Barcelona, fifa 15 coins if FIFA does not change their mind, a final appeal to the International Court of arbitration for sport CAS ' very high. Violations are punished before Chelsea but also because similar transactions and eventually overthrow the FIFA ruling by CAS so Barca are not very afraid of FIFA's direct punishment, FIFA so much of in the past, often raised the knife, gently down eventually. But banning "football trafficking" on the issue, due to the high social sensitivity, FIFA on this breakthrough, demonstrating his political position and social responsibility, support received quite a Club at the international competition for talent in the future, convergence means, lower register, not necessarily does not have an impact.
First from your business contacts in Korea starting inbound tour operators, then Korea Korean Air contact, and made extensive contacts with bodies all claim to have the votes in the coming days, as they involve trade secrets, travel agency ticket problems secret. While at the same time, in order to win the initiative in the battlefield, the travel agency he intimated, saying that "the ticket is not an issue" all spent in suspicion. As time passes, ticket's problems began to clear.


fifa coins has excellent scoring ability

The talent was born in 1926 in Buenos Aires, now 85 years old, Di Stefano is also rare representatives of Argentina and Spain national team football player. Di Stefano in effectiveness Real Madrid Shi fifa coins reached personal career career of peak, at he more and Hungary name Puskas together Yu 1956 to 1960 between even claimed five session European Champion Cup of champion di Stefano now also is Real Madrid Club of Honorary President, 1953-1964 he has been for white Regiment effectiveness, rate team got has 5 a Champions League champion and 8 a La Liga champion, also had won two times gold ball award of honors (1957 and 1959). In 1957, Di Stefano joined Spain nationality, after retiring as a coach, he has got good grades, respectively in 1969 rate Boca Juniors and River Plate won two 1981 rates Argentina league titles in 1971, lead the Valencia to Spain champions 1980 rate of Valencia beat arsenal in the European Cup winners ' Cup champions play the center position of Di Stefano, is not only highly skilled, but also has excellent scoring ability.
Specification and development of dialectical relationship between any one field managers are pondering the problem, some time ago our governance does clear up a lot of the stock must clear up a question of principle, fraud of listed companies on the healthy development of the market, rising acts of evil run amok is fruitful, which is extremely beneficial to the long-term development of the market. Unfortunately, due to the impact of other policies, such as the reduction of State-owned shares, two kinds of medicine drug there is conflict, and crash over the top of the market, hurting energy regulations not to take too much bookish, the "true" excessive pursuit, would undermine the "good" and "beauty". As football tournaments determine the effect of the same big-screen replays, FIFA, on balance, the decision was to maintain the authority of the referee on the field, reflects in front of the rule indispensable flexibility.


fifa 15 coins reading of the game of football

It is reported that in early January, FIFA referees Committee in Switzerland Zurich meeting announced enforcement 2014 Brazil World Cup 25 list of referees, 50 assistant referees, they come fifa 15 coins from 6 intercontinental football in 43 countries. In this 25 judge, under UEFA referees shortlisted for the largest number, reaching 9. Followed by the South American Soccer Association 5, AFC has 4 referee will take the World Cup, but none of them Chinese referees notice under FIFA's official website, FIFA criteria for selecting these referees are personality, and understanding through the reading of the game of football, as well as the understanding of team tactics.
In response to this resolution, the Chinese football association currently is also planning to set up special bottom line referees in the Super League the previous two years, touch judges in a series of competitions such as the UEFA Champions League, European Cup for trying, the results were pretty good. Given the success of UEFA, the International Football Association Board at the meeting also discussed the possibility of addition of touch judges in a competition FIFA. Eventually, you will pass this resolution, that is, with many games of the future will appear touch judges.


Casillas talked buy fifa 15 coins about Mourinho

He held on tightly with both hands together. For Tang's title, the more he desired. His heart, pray for Tang. After scoring Mueller excitedly tapped Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on the shoulder, he said: "well done, buy fifa 15 coins young man. "Mueller gave Karl-Heinz Rummenigge a great encouragement and affirmation. Although this game their 3-3 draw with each other, but Karl-Heinz Rummenigge to harvest far more than he imagined, in the star-studded Bayern Munich, he started playing the main location, brilliant football career began. Under the current regulations, alternative to the candidate who gets more than half of the AFC Executive Committee approval can confirm. In other words, Zhang Jilong has been determined to be elected as FIFA Executive Committee members will by 2015 FIFA executive members have voting rights and thus to the World Cup bid is generally regarded as international football's most powerful post. Executive Committee is the central authority, FIFA's major decisions are to be adopted by the Executive Committee, was informed in advance. Food allergies cause swollen does not affect the mood of Iker Casillas, he took part in the charity match. Charity match also invited a lot of entertainment industry stars, but former Real Madrid captain Fernando Hierro, Italy international Fabio Cannavaro retired stars also joined in. Ultimate game 4:4 over in addition, Casillas talked about Mourinho, Mourinho had said a few days ago could return to the Premier League a few years later, real's captain said: "Jose Mourinho at Real Madrid for many years.


buy fifa coins matter in the coming days

Stevanovic MF and Qingdao's signing has angered veroia, voluntarily submitted his resignation to the Club as he was, but the two sides still exist in terms of a contract dispute. But Greece media did not buy fifa coins say what kind of disputes, saying only veroia want Stevanovic MF to respond on the
, otherwise it will appeal to FIFA in Qingdao and the handsome old Wai long contract dispute has not been clear, news that dragons have also wanted to take the Club to FIFA. Qingdao has just signed the new contract dispute and former club, it will more or less affect the relegation of the Club's next plan for the future. Advocate jointly sponsored by reformist representatives of UEFA's Johansson, he obtained the European 8-bit 3 African Executive and executive support. That is Executive in Europe and Africa a total of 11, accounted for more than half of the 21 Executive Committee members. Even though I advocate Korea held separate, the number of votes held votes are not as common. When the countries of the participating teams and fans left Brazil when, it will be with guilt. Participate in the feast, and in our hearts the truth, should the hosts offer some praise, even if it is against one form of flattery, as usual, it will take one or two sentences, even arrived in a rice capital. However, the Brazil team in their run Feast was caught in a fierce even third place are lost is guest on crutches, swelling of the face reluctantly smile, Brazil is the best host, FIFA should give them subsidies for some moral damages Netherlands took third place gone, leaving Brazil fresh salt into the wounds of three.